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The Drive-in Concert Series

April 20th- 22nd

420Detroit Is Back! The Best 420Detroit Music Fest in History! The Motor City Sets The World on Fire with this year's "Up In Smoke" Fest! Produced by CORE TV, Big Chief Zoser & Goddess Purple Love. Sponsored By "Kyera Williams, Co." & The Denson EL Group, this 6th 420Detroit Season has the city of Detroit in an Uproar. 

Drive-In Concert Series

Pull into Core Park. Turn Your Radio to FM 88.5 WWCORE1 and Experience The 420Detroit "Up In Smoke" Concert Fest Live From the Comfort of Your Vehicle or Get out and Party the way "The Globe" Does It!


This is Sure to be a Most Amazing Experience. Come be part of Motown's Globally Televised Event! 420Detroit "Up In Smoke" Music Fest..."Another R & B Affair". We Are Detroit's Music History!






6 Concerts/ 6 Events/ 2 Days/ 1 VEHICLE PARKED/ 4 MEMBERS MAX PER VEHICLE