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DEG's Cashflow Catalyst

  • 4Weeks
  • 4Steps


Day 1: Introduction to Unsecured Cash Loans - Understanding the fundamentals of unsecured cash loans - Exploring the benefits and risks involved - Identifying potential target markets and clients Day 2: Personal Funding Strategies - Analyzing personal funding needs and options - Crafting effective funding solutions for individuals - Case studies and real-life scenarios Day 3: Business Funding Essentials - Navigating the landscape of business funding - Identifying funding sources and opportunities - Developing tailored funding strategies for businesses Day 4: Legal and Compliance Framework - Understanding the legal and regulatory aspects of unsecured cash loans - Complying with industry standards and best practices - Mitigating risks and ensuring ethical conduct Day 5: Sales and Marketing Techniques - Mastering effective sales and marketing strategies for financial services - Building a compelling value proposition - Leveraging digital channels and networking opportunities Day 6: Client Relationship Management - Establishing and maintaining strong client relationships - Effective communication and client engagement - Addressing client concerns and providing exceptional service Day 7: Franchise, Consulting, and Career Opportunities - Exploring franchise and consulting prospects - Building a successful career in personal and business funding - Maximizing returns on your educational investment This seven-day curriculum provides a comprehensive overview of the Cash Catalyst

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