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Bringing Economic Growth to our Community

Your Clients Benefit: You can use our loans for Real Estate Investment, Business Startup, Working Capital, Franchise Investment, Down Payment Assistance, Investing in The Stock Market, TV/Film/Music Projects, Personal Enhancement Surgery, Health Care, Shipping & Trucking Industry, Transportation, Food Truck Industry, and more. The loan process typically takes about 7 to 21 days. Approvals are in as little as 24 hours. We have a 99% approval rate; this means that 99% of the clients who qualify are approved. Clients are funded by direct deposit in 14 to 21 days after approval. We do a soft credit pull for approvals. Thanks to our one-of-a-kind proprietary software. We also have a team of lawyers, skilled negotiators, who negotiate for the best offers for our clients with our lenders. Clients pay no upfront cost or out of pocket expense. Clients only pay a 15% success fee when they are funded. Bonus!! The success fee can be tax deductible. We have 11 years of experience providing funding solutions to our clients. We have 2 call centers, nearly 70 processors, who process over 150 applications daily: averaging over 2000 monthly.

Lending is Now in Order! 

$100,00- $400,000

We help borrowers leverage lending to realize their residential, commercial and other investment asset goals. Although many lenders judge people by overly stringent or even unprincipled standards, our business model revolves around qualifying properties instead of borrowers. Thanks to our staff of investors, borrowers, marketers and brokerage specialists, we’ve built a robust network that lets us identify workable solutions to your unique lending challenges.

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Who We Are & What We Offer

We are nationwide Funding Consultants, specializing in assisting qualified borrowers with obtaining unsecured cash term loans. We have established a network of nearly 240 lenders; major banks, credit unions, and private lenders, who provide unsecured loans. There are no upfront fees, no prepayment penalties and no collateral required. All loans are personal loans based on the borrower's credit profile and verified income. The minimum credit score is 580 but the ideal credit scores for our clients are 650+ Credit Scores. Borrowers are required to have a minimum $25,000 gross income or adjusted gross income for self-employed borrowers. Loan amounts range from $100,000 to $100M with rates as low as 6%. The loans are principal and interest loans with 3 to 10-year terms. Loan rates and terms are determined by the lenders, based on the borrower's credit profile, and verified income.

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Asset Based Loans

$500,000 - $20M
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