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Tue, Jul 23



From Babies 2 Business

Welcome to the ‘Babies 2 Business:’ Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurial Experience Program! Unleash your creativity, ignite your passion, and embark on a journey of innovation. Whether your kidpreneur is a budding entrepreneur or simply curious about business, this program is your gateway to success

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From Babies 2 Business
From Babies 2 Business

Time & Location

Jul 23, 2024, 9:00 AM – Jul 26, 2024, 10:00 AM

Orlando, 10000 Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

About the Event

“Young Entrepreneurs’ Adventure: 3 Days of Business Brilliance”

Parents are more than welcome to attend and support their young entrepreneurs during the “Young Entrepreneurs’ Adventure: 3 Days of Business Brilliance.” It’s a fantastic opportunity for families to learn together and celebrate the creativity and business acumen of our future leaders. 

Parents are encouraged to participate in select workshops and activities during the “Young Entrepreneurs’ Adventure: 3 Days of Business Brilliance.”

  1. Parent-Child Brainstorming Session: 
    • Join your child during the idea generation workshop on Day 1.
    • Collaborate on business concepts and brainstorm creative solutions together.


  2. Parent as a Guest Speaker: 
    • If you have expertise in a relevant field (marketing, finance, etc.), consider being a guest speaker during one of the sessions.
    • Share your insights and inspire young entrepreneurs.


  3. Parent-Child Team Building: 
    • Participate in team-building activities alongside your child.
    • Strengthen your bond while learning about leadership and collaboration.


  4. Mini Business Fair Support:                    
    • Help your child set up their booth during the mini business fair on Day 3.
    • Assist with customer interactions and sales.  


Remember, the DEG Total Business Academy isn’t just about business – it’s about nurturing lifelong skills that empower students to create their own paths! 🌟🚀👩‍💼👨‍💼

  1. Why Business Matters: 
    • Understanding the significance of business is fundamental. It drives economic growth, creates jobs, and fosters innovation. Business matters because it shapes our world and empowers individuals to make a positive impact.


  2. Entrepreneurship Journey: 
    • The entrepreneurial journey is an exciting adventure filled with risks, challenges, and rewards. It involves ideation, validation, scaling, and continuous learning. Embrace the journey—it’s where growth and transformation occur.


  3.  Business Basics: 
    • Mastering business fundamentals is essential. Learn about market research, product development, operations, marketing, and financial management. These basics form the foundation of successful ventures.


  4. Financial Literacy: 
    • Financial literacy empowers you to make informed decisions. Understand budgeting, financial statements (balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow), and investment strategies. 


  5. Creativity and Problem-Solving: 
    • Creativity fuels innovation. Embrace diverse perspectives, think outside the box, and solve real-world problems. Creativity drives business growth.


  6. Leadership and Teamwork: 
    • Effective leadership inspires others. Cultivate leadership skills, build strong teams, and foster collaboration. A successful entrepreneur knows how to lead and follow,


  7. Adaptability and Resilience: 
    • Business landscapes change rapidly. Adaptability and resilience are crucial. Embrace challenges, learn from failures, and bounce back stronger.


  8. Networking and Mentorship: 
    • Network with peers, industry experts, and mentors. Their insights, guidance, and connections are invaluable. Collaboration accelerates success.


  9.  Confidence Building: 
    • Believe in yourself. Confidence fuels action. Overcome self-doubt and take bold steps toward your goals.


  10. Interactive Activity: 
    • Engage in hands-on activities. Simulations, case studies, and workshops enhance learning. Apply theory to practice.


  11.  Real-World Experience: 
    • Internships, projects, and practical exposure provide real-world context. Apply classroom knowledge to actual business scenarios.


  12. Innovation and Future-Readiness: 
    • Innovate or stagnate. Stay curious, embrace emerging technologies, and anticipate industry trends. Future-readiness ensures long-term success.

Remember, as young entrepreneurs, you’re shaping the future.  

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