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"Globe Trotters" Travel Partners

Congratulations Travel Partners! You Are Now 5 Star Luxury Hotel, Resort & Condominium Owners. Travel Partners Have the Keys to the Most Fabulous Getaways, Vacations and Amazing Events at our Collection of 4- & 5-Star Luxury Condos, Resorts, Hotels and Cruises Across The Globe.

"Globe Trotters" Travel Partners
"Globe Trotters" Travel Partners

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Orlando, 10000 Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819, USA


About the Event



We want to  help 1000 families or more this year create financial freedom from your phone or laptop/pc! Make $25-$300 over and over! Simple copy paste system!  Education to brand and market yourself in any busines.  MONETIZE YOUR PARTNERSHIP: Own your Very Own Travel Company or Travel Club. Now You Can Book Vacations, Choose Your Client Check-In Dates, Resorts, Hotels, Airfare, Rental Cars, Condo & Resort Amenities, Even Prices and Fees right from your very own Application/Link while you Create and Customize Itineraries. Members Receive Their Own Account & Earn Cash From Bookings & Referrals Through Our Company App.


A) Earn $25 - $300 per Vacation Booked On Our App.

*Turn Your Contact Lists, Social Media Friends and Followers Into Your Very Own Power Packed Profit Earning Machine.

B) EARN $25 - $150 for EVERY 4&5 Star  Luxury Vacation You Giveaway.

Earn an additional $25-$150 Per Referral when You Award a Free Luxury Vacation to A Deserving Family or Couple. That's right. You heard correctly. (Imagine how much money you could make JUST FOR GIVING AWAY FREE LUXURY VACATIONS). Amazing!


Earn $50 For Every Friend, Family Member, or Stranger that you Refer as a "Travel Partner". Surely, Each and Every One f Us knows plenty of familyand friends who can benefit from our Travel Partner's Program. Whether They Desire:

*To Enjoy the Flexibility of Vacationing with Their Families at Greatly Discounted Costs

*To Gift Unlimited Vacations to Friends and Family at Little To no Costs

*To Subsidize Their Income with a little more cashflow Each Month

*To Capitalize on Great Work From Home Opportunities (only Phone or Tablet Needed)

*To Launch A Career In Travel & Hospitality but don't know how

*To Start A Travel Club

*To Get Paid To Travel While Living In The Finest Resorts Around The Globe

*To Launch A Full Service Online Travel Company with Unlimited Pure Profit Potential while Living In the Best Resorts Around The Globe All Year Long,

This Globe Trotters Travel Partners Opportunity Is A Sure Path To Financial Freedom


Please Take Lots of Pictures and Short Videos while you and/or Your Guests are Enjoying Your Luxury Getaway. Collect Your Client's Pictures and Videos and Send Your Best Flicks to us. Earn an additional $25-$100 for your best collection and We'll Produce a Television Commercial/Social Media Add Just For Your Travel Company for FREE. Up to an additional $100 per booking.

E) Markup Pricing Earn $25-$250

Upgrade Your Membership and add Markup Prices to Your Bookings. Average Markup is between $25- $250

OPERATE YOUR VERY OWN TRAVEL COMPANY from anywhere in the world. Operate in Peace and Tranquility From Home, Office, Automobile, your own bed or From The Blissful Patio of a 4 Star Luxury Condo Overlooking Your Private Lake, 2000 miles from yesterdays concerns.

*You Will be Assigned Your Very Own RESERVATIONIST and an Awesome Team of Back Office Support.


*Receive One CORE TV/ WWCORERADIO1 Commercial Ad Mthly

*Monthly and Quarterly Sales Bonuses

*LIVE IN LUXURY FOR as Low as $0 Mthly when you reach your bonus goals.

Bonuses. As A Member of The Globe Trotters who reaches Directed Goal(s), you will Receive 4 star Luxury Family Accommodations for a Family of Four for 30 days each month your goal is reached.

*A Boost to Your Business and Bottom Line with Luxury Incentives: Receive Unlimited FREE 4 Day 3 Night VACATIONS to Gift to your Employees, Clients, Family and Friends. Incentivize Participation and Increase Profits w "The Golden Ticket". Extend Your Savings, Free Vacation Gifts, And Benefits to your friends and Family.

over 200,00 Luxury Resorts, 250,000 Hotels, and 250,000 Cruises to Choose from.

*Perfect Cashflow Opportunity For:

- Travelers

- Entrepreneurs

- Nurses

- Plant Workers

- Truck Drivers

- Law Enforcement Personnel

- Educators

- Internet Radio Stations

- Clubs

- Professional Mothers

- Small Business Owners

- Married Couples

- Students


*A FREE, 4 DAY 3 NIGHT 4 STAR LUXURY GETAWAY (to Orlando, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Etc.)

*WAIVE YOUR MONTHLY FEE with 6 referrals monthly


*UNLIMITED ACCESS Cruise & Travel Discounts up to 66% with No Blackout Dates





I CAN OPERATE MY VERY OWN TRAVEL COMPANY from anywhere in the world. From Home, My office, My car or from the comforts of my  own bed. Winning!" -Katrina, Travel Dynasty

"I Made $1750 From One Face Book Post! Thanks Travel Partners!" -Kay, Paradise Travels,

"My Wife and I Celebrated Our 14th Wedding Anniversary at La Villas Denson-El at Lake Buena Vista. We Stayed 7 days. The Cost Was So Affordable That I Thought The Resort would be a "discount hotel". To Our Blissful Surprise, We Lived in Pure Paradise and Luxury with 3 beds, 3 baths, 2 jacuzzi tubs, full kitchen with dishes, two patios overlooking the lake with seven pools including two water parks, for Seven Days. This Team is Amazing! My Wife and I Launched Our Travel Company Immediately"- Sandy, Sutter Home Travels

"I Got Paid $750 To Travel With My Friends for 4 Days 3 Nights and My Resort Was completely paid for. I Love my Travel Partners". - Shamika, Mika Tours & Travel

"I'm Still Getting Paid Close To a Thousand Dollars a Week Off Of One Face Book Ad That Went Super Viral Six Months Ago. That's A lot of Happy People. I Never Would've Imagined This. The Best Investment I've Ever Made", - Dominique, Let's Travel

"This Was Purely Genius",- Brodus, Americans Travel

"I Operate Soley On Social Media and I clear an average of 3o Free Luxury Getaways a week, earning a minimum of $750-$900 per week. And I Take One Free Vacation Per Month. I Work social media about 10-20 hours per week." - Angela, Dynamic Getaways

"As a Nurse of 30 years On The Frontlines During This Pandemic, I Know The Burnout We Face. After Taking My First Luxury Getaway With My Husband, Experiencing The Rejuvenating Aqua Blue Waters, Private Lakes, Resort Amenities, Great Foods and Relaxation, I knew this was a part of life that we as Nursing Professionals Deserve and are Deprived of more often than not. I Launched My Travel Company to Reward Our Nursing Professionals with Celebration and a Renewed Mind, Body & Spirit by Vacationing To 4 & 5 Star Resorts at Unbelievably low prices. I Never Expected To Make So Much Money Doing This! - Mariee' Rose' Luxury Tours & Travel

"I Made $250 Profit in 47 minutes as a Travel Partner"- Jazmyne Justice

"I was driving lyft before Travel Partners. I must admit, I did well. Then the Pandemic Hit. My wife and I both contracted the virus and were off work for more than 2 months. My wife tagged me in a Globe Trotters ad in "Work From Home" Group and we both decided to give it a "what have we got to lose?" trial for a day. The results are truly made for movies.  The same exact day, together, my wife and I booked 12 getaways, gave 12 free getaways to our friends,  and made over $1100... our first time out. The strategies worked and we are still making thousands monthly from the same post. I never would have believed this."- Quincy Porter

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  • Travel Partner

    This Is a Globe Trotters Travel Partner Onboarding Ticket. We want to help 1000 families or more this year create financial freedom from your phone or laptop/pc! Make $25-$300 over and over! Simple copy paste system! We Provide the Education to brand and market yourself.

    +$4.98 service fee



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