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GLOBE TROTTERS REPORT Luxury Discount Travel

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When it comes to luxury discount travel, travelers are often seeking exclusive experiences at a fraction of the cost. This niche in the travel industry caters to individuals who appreciate the finer things in life but are also mindful of their budget. From discounted stays at high-end resorts and hotels to special deals on luxury cruises and tours, Globe Trotters luxury discount travel opens up a world of possibilities for those looking to indulge without breaking the bank.

Travel partners.

Our Travel Partners are not just ordinary collaborators; they are true Luxury Ambassadors who excel in providing unparalleled experiences to our clients. Each partner is carefully selected based on their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence in the luxury travel industry. From exclusive accommodations to bespoke itineraries, our partners go above and beyond to ensure that every journey is a seamless and unforgettable one. By working closely with these Luxury Ambassadors, we are able to curate exceptional travel experiences that cater to the most discerning travelers, delivering a level of service and sophistication that is second to none.

Discover exclusive savings of up to an incredible 70% on luxurious condos, villas, and hotels with our unbeatable offers. The potential for wealth accumulation through these discounted opportunities is truly remarkable. By partnering with us, travel industry professionals benefit from a highly flexible pricing structure that empowers them to not only generate substantial profits but also to expand their businesses at an extraordinary pace. Take advantage of this lucrative chance to elevate your travel business to new heights of success.


Perfect for Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators, Travel Clubs

Are you a coach looking to expand your reach and impact more lives? Or perhaps a consultant with a wealth of knowledge to share? Maybe you're a travel enthusiast eager to turn your passion into a profitable venture. Whatever your background, if you're seeking to monetize and scale your business, you're in the right place.

Monetizing and scaling a business requires careful planning, strategic thinking, and a clear roadmap for success. As a coach, consultant, or travel enthusiast, you have unique expertise and offerings that can be leveraged to create a thriving enterprise. By tapping into your strengths, identifying your target audience, and developing innovative solutions, you can unlock new opportunities for growth and profitability.

From creating digital products and online courses to hosting workshops and retreats, there are countless ways to monetize your skills and knowledge. By diversifying your revenue streams and adopting a growth mindset, you can build a sustainable business that stands the test of time.

So whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, the possibilities are endless. With the right strategies, tools, and support, you can achieve your goals and turn your passion into a thriving business that makes a lasting impact.


Our Travel Partners

Globe Trotters Luxury Travel Discount Travel

Travel Partners Program is a turnkey business that allows Independent Business Owners to Gift, Award, Book and Sale Luxury Condos, Hotels, Resorts, Cruises and Vacations While generating personal income from the comfort of their own home.

Travel Partners Benefits

Proven sales tools are provided:

  • Online training videos and success tips

  • Automatic payments

  • Flexibility to earn cash from home

What You Receive

Partnership Fee will guarantee the following:

  • Personalized Website and social media Tools

  • Starter Kit with Marketing Materials

  • Seller of Travel License

  • Training Videos and Live Training Sessions


We Want To Help 1000 Families or More This Year Create Financial Freedom From Your Phone or Laptop/pc! Make $25-$300 Over and Over! Simple Copy Paste Systems! We Provide the Education to Brand and Market yourself.

You are 5 Star Luxury Condominium Owners & Travel Partners. Our Fabulous Team of Travel Partners Team up to Host the Most Fabulous Getaways and Amazing Events at our Collection of 4- & 5-Star Luxury Condominiums, Resorts and Hotels Across The Globe. The Globe Trotters Enjoy UNLIMITED ACCESS TO Cruise & Travel Discounts up to 70% with No Blackout Dates. Take as Many Getaways as You Like and as Often as You Like. Receive Free Luxury Getaways and Quarterly Members Sweepstakes. Quarterly Members Sweepstakes offer Members Thousands of Vacations, Tours, and Luxury Getaways starting as Low as $7 per night with 12 months to travel. Customize Your Own 4/5-Star Luxury Packages 365 Days a year and Earn Lots of Cash doing it.


Own your Very Own Travel Company or Travel Club. Now You Can Book Vacations, Choose Your Client Check-In Dates, Resorts, Hotels, Airfare, Rental Cars, Condo & Resort Amenities, Even Prices and Fees right from your very own Travel Portal (App) while you Create and Customize Itineraries. Members Receive Their Own Account & Earn Cash from Bookings & Referrals Through Our Company App.

$999 Registration Fee Includes:

*A Complementary 4 DAY 3 NIGHT 5 Star Luxury Getaway (a $1250 Value)

*Up to 12 months to travel

*A Free 7 Nights 8 Days 4- & 5-Star Luxury Resort Family Getaway

*Waive Your Monthly Subscription Fee (ask us how)

*Personalized Travel Portal (earn cash every time you book from your app)

*Unlimited Profit Potential *Unlimited Free Getaways

*Unlimited Free Vacations to Give to Family and Friends



Welcome to DEG' Arbitrage Mastermind Course, where you'll unlock the secrets to maximizing your profits through strategic buying and selling! This comprehensive program is designed for students, mentees, and consultation clients who are ready to take their financial success to the next level.

By joining this course, you'll gain access to:

1. Expert-led mentorship and guidance from seasoned professionals in the field of arbitrage.

2. Cutting-edge strategies and tactics to identify lucrative opportunities in various markets.

3. Tailored consultations to address your specific challenges and maximize your earning potential.

Whether you're a beginner looking to break into the world of arbitrage or a seasoned investor seeking to fine-tune your skills, this course is your gateway to mastering the art of profitable arbitrage. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your financial future – enroll now and start making smarter, more informed investment decisions today! 

Unlock your path to financial success with our exclusive Arbitrage Mastermind Course, now more accessible than ever with financing options available for students, mentees, and consultation clients. With financing starting as low as $500 and reaching up to $250,000, along with terms of up to 83 months and credit scores as low as 550, we're committed to making your investment in your future as seamless as possible.

As part of the course, you'll also have the opportunity to participate in our immersive 3, 5, or 7-day orientation in Orlando, FL, where you'll network with industry professionals and receive invaluable business development services. During this orientation, you'll leave with your completely organized company, an instant real estate portfolio of 4-5 star short-term rentals, and much more, setting you up for success from day one.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your journey to financial freedom. Secure your financing and enroll today at the link below to take the first step toward a lucrative and fulfilling future in the world of arbitrage.

Please note, transportation is not provided for this event.




A) All Vacations Booked on Your App. $50-$400 per

*Turn Your Contact Lists, social media Friends and Followers into Your Very Own Power Packed Profit Earning Machine.

B) 4&5 Star Luxury Vacation Giveaway. $25-$150 per

Earn an additional $25-$150 Per Referral when You Award a Free Luxury Vacation to A Deserving Family or Couple. That's right. You heard correctly. Imagine how much money you can make just by giving away FREE LUXURY VACATIONS. Amazing!


Earn $150 For Every Friend, Family Member, or Stranger that you Refer as a "Travel Partner". Surely, Each and Every One of Us knows plenty of human beings who can benefit from our Travel Partner's Program. Whether They Desire:

*To Enjoy the Flexibility of Vacationing with Their Families at Greatly Discounted Costs

*To Gift Unlimited Vacations to Friends and Family at Little To no Costs

*To Subsidize Their Income with a little more cashflow Each Month

*To Capitalize on Great Work from Home Opportunities (only Phone or Tablet Needed)

*To Launch a Career in Travel & Hospitality but don't know how

*To Start a Travel Club

To Increase their Coaching or Consulting Business Revenues

To Get Paid to Travel While Hosting Events requiring travel and lodging

*To Get Paid to Travel While Living in the Finest Resorts Around the Globe

*To Launch a Full-Service Online Travel Company with Unlimited Pure Profit Potential while Living in the Best Resorts Around the Globe All Year Long,

This Globe Trotters Travel Partners Opportunity Is a Sure Path to Financial Freedom


Please Take Lots of Pictures and Short Videos while you and/or Your Guests are Enjoying Your Luxury Getaway. Collect Your Client's Pictures and Videos and Send Your Best Flicks to us. Earn an additional $25-$100 for your best collection and We'll Produce a Television Commercial/social media Add Just for Your Travel Company for FREE. Up to an additional up to $100 per booking.

E) Markup Pricing: $25-$500

Upgrade Your Membership and add Markup Prices to Your Bookings. Average Markup is between $25- $500

OPERATE YOUR OWN TRAVEL COMPANY from anywhere in the world. Operate in Peace and Tranquility from Home, Office, Automobile, your own bed or From the Blissful Patio of a 4 Star Luxury Condo Overlooking Your Private Lake, 2000 miles from yesterday's concerns.

*You Will be Assigned Your Very Own RESERVATIONIST and an Awesome Team of Back Office Support.


*Receive One CORE TV/ WWCORERADIO1 Commercial Ad Mthly

*Monthly and Quarterly Sales Bonuses


Unplug, Recharge, and Thrive

July 19th - 22nd, 2024

Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa, Orlando

Unplug, Recharge, and Thrive: Join us for an empowering retreat where business meets well-being. Discover strategies to prevent burnout, connect with inspiring experts, and elevate your success. Reserve your spot now!

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr. T’Mando Denson ELDEG Total Business- Cash Flow Catalyst

  • Dr. Chief Silent Storm : Fearless Lifestyle- Living Life on Purpose

  • Dr. Darlene Williams: Robert's Vineyard

  • Dr. Michael Copeland:

  • Dr. Anthony Shannon: The Victory Church

  • Dr. Sharon Dumas

  • Dr. Deidre Crowley

  • Dr. Patricia Gilchrist

  • Dr. Nicole Pettway

  • Dr. Darcelle Robinson

  • Dr. Latina Roggero

  • Dr. Tyreese McAllister

Retreat Highlights:

  • Daily yoga practices and mindful meditation

  • Expert stress management consultations

  • Relaxing Lavender massages

  • Private meditation sessions

  • Ingham Foot reflexology treatments

  • Signature of Amatara massages

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Doc’s Loft Seating: Enjoy complimentary food and beverages while networking.

  • Pitch Your Product: Showcase your business to fellow attendees.

  • Elevation Magazine Photo Shoot: Fearless Lifestyle, Recovery First, Robert's Vineyard, Triumphant Church Magazine

  • CORE TV Interview: Get featured on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and CORE.TV.

  • Marketing and Advertising: Promote your brand through magazines and social media.

  • Personal Concierge Services: We take care of your needs.

  • Welcome Party: Kick off the retreat with dinner, an open bar, DJ, and prizes.

  • Transportation: NA

  • Late Checkout: Ask About Late Check out

Event URL: Business & Burnout: Unplug, Recharge, Thrive



Bring Your Friends and Enjoy The Fun! Enjoy Luxurious Amenities and Accommodations That Were Built With Families In Mind! 4 Days & 3 Nights to: Orlando, Cocoa Beach, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Branson, Gatlinburg, Williamsburg

  • Spacious floor Plans

  • Convenient Locations

  • Children's Activities

  • On-Site Gym

  • Fabulous Spas

  • Awesome Restaurants

  • Riveting Water Parks

  • Breathtaking Private Lakes

  • $100 Cash Gift Once You Check In!


Tue, July 23-26th

Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa, Orlando, FL

“Fearless Girl Boss Leadership Academy: Bosses to Business”

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Join our ‘Fearless Girl Bosses to Business" ! Join our Fearless Girl Boss Leadership Alumni for a chance to develop your creative ideas, leadership, learn how to embrace your inner Fearless!

"Bosses to Business" also includes: Fun Activity Programs Podcast, Mentorship, life skills, Mindset Coaching, leadership development, gardening, summer fun! Learning how to make lip-gloss. Supplies are extra cost.

Parents are more than welcome to attend and support their young entrepreneurs during the “‘Fearless Girl Boss Leadership Academy: 3 Days of Business Brilliance.” It’s a fantastic opportunity for families to learn together and celebrate the creativity and business acumen of our future leaders. 🌟👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Parents are encouraged to participate in select workshops and activities during the “Fearless Girl Boss Leadership Academy: 3 Days of Business Brilliance.”

Fearless Girl Boss Leadership Academy employs the renowned DEU High School Completion Strategy. DEU's High School Completion Strategy has been active for 3 years, with 5 different schools and 2500 students having participated in it. It’s the first program to introduce, practice, and evolve entrepreneurial skills starting in Kindergarten and going all the way up to 12th grade. In just the first two years of the program, 4 different student ventures created from this program earned $10K for their ideas!

Workshops and Skill-Building Sessions: 

  • Participants will attend workshops on various business-related topics, such as marketing, finance, and product development.

  • They’ll learn practical skills and strategies to enhance their entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Guest Speakers and Industry Experts: 

  • Inspirational guest speakers, successful entrepreneurs, and industry experts will share their experiences and insights.

  • Participants can gain valuable knowledge and network with professionals.

  1. Business Simulation Games:  

  • Engaging games and simulations will allow young entrepreneurs to apply their learning in a fun and interactive way.

  • These activities reinforce business concepts and decision-making skills.

  1. Pitch Competitions:         1. Networking Sessions: 

  • Participants will have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges.

  • It’s a chance to showcase creativity, communication skills, and business acumen.    

Remember, this event aims to celebrate creativity, foster learning, and empower our future business leaders

  •  5-Star Luxury Condo

  • Accommodations for two: One Youth/One Adult

  • Shared Living arrangements (Private Room)

  • 3 Nights 4 Days

  • Full Kitchen

  • 1 Bedroom (plus queen size pullout)

  • Jetted Tubs/ Showers

  • Balcony

  • Sleeps 2

  • up to 7 Pools

  • Poolside Restaurants

  • Poolside Bar

  • Beverages Provided

  • 1 added complimentary Vacation for two


Tue, July 23-26th

Star Island Resort & Spa, Orlando, FL

Ladies Only: you're invited to join us at the Cara’Melanin Nights – an electrifying, empowering event like no other. Imagine a space where powerful, executive women come together, their energy crackling with curiosity, ambition and drive. From August 2nd to 5th, under the veil of a secret 5-star location, we’ll connect, inspire, and ignite our passions.

Curiosity Unleashed: This isn’t your typical soirée. It’s a playground for the curious minds, where questions lead to connections, and connections spark revolutions. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a rising star, your curiosity will find its match here.

Always Grown and Sexy Vibes: Picture it – the air humming with laughter, the clink of champagne flutes, and the sway of elegant dresses. We’re grown, we’re sexy, and we’re unapologetically fabulous. Let’s celebrate our journey and toast to the future.

Let’s Release & Recharge Together: Life can be a whirlwind. At Cara’Melanin Nights, we release the stress, the expectations, and the noise. We dance, we laugh, and we recharge our spirits. Because self-care isn’t selfish; it’s essential. DJ Hers will spin beats that sync with our heartbeats, and Big Chief The Chef will tantalize our taste buds. It’s a sensory symphony – music, flavor, and connection merging into magic.

A 5-star haven awaits – a place where luxury whispers secrets. The address? Well, that’s part of the enchantment. Trust me; it’s worth the intrigue. So, indulge me my fellow goddesses, let’s create memories that shimmer like stardust. Reserve your spot, embrace your power, and let’s light up the night together. Curiosity brought you this far. Now, let it lead you to Cara’Melanin Nights – where the flame within you dances in rhythm with the universe.


DEG's Cashflow Catalyst

Welcome to Denson EL Groups: Cashflow Catalyst!

Your Cash Flow Catalyst- Unlocking Passive Income:  Your Personal ATM

We’re taking Your Coaching and Consulting financial success to the next level! In addition to our dynamic networking opportunities and expert speakers, we’re introducing our signature Passive Income Cash Flow Machines Your Personal ATM (ATM)—your key to maximizing your operations cash flow.

What Are Passive Income Cashflow Machines? These innovative tools are designed to generate consistent income while requiring minimal effort. Imagine having a reliable stream of revenue that works for you, even while you sleep! Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose Your Machine: Attendees will receive access to a range of passive income strategies. Whether it’s real estate, affiliate marketing, logistics, or digital products, there’s a machine that suits your goals.

  2. Launch and Optimize: We’ll guide you through the setup process. Launch your chosen machine and fine-tune it for maximum efficiency.

  3. Watch Your Cashflow Grow: As your machine operates, it generates income with minimal active involvement. You’ll see your cashflow increase steadily over time.

Why Attend?

  • Hands-On Workshop: Learn how to set up your passive income machine during our interactive workshop.

  • Expert Guidance: Our seasoned consultants will provide personalized advice based on your unique situation.

  • Diversify Your Portfolio: Add a new revenue stream to your platform and diversify your income sources on the spot and make money Today!.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your financial journey. Join us at DEG’s Cashflow Catalyst and launch your passive income future!🚀💡🌟

VIP Experience

In addition to luxurious signature room accommodations and special amenities a La Villas Las Vegas Resorts, you’ll enjoy VIP treatment throughout the length of your event vacation, including:

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Visit our website for details and registration.

Explore More Expert Courses at : DEG TOTAL BUSINESS ACADEMY


Sports Packages

Travel Partners V.I.P Access:

Free Tickets to Events

Our Events Include: Luxury Accommodations – Spacious and luxurious room or suite with all the comforts of home and extensive resort amenities. Hassle-free transportation to and from the venue. (Unless otherwise noted) Personal concierge – We handle all the details for you. Festive welcome party (food, open bar, DJ, prizes) OR $50 Dining Certificate

Wealth Building Made Simple. The Future Is In Your Hands. Today Is the Day That Your Lifestyle Changes Forever. Globe Trotters Was Specifically Designed to Empower Every Person Who Seizes This Amazing Opportunity. Let Us Show You How Wealth Building Is Done. Increase Your Family's Income with The Very First Click. Start Now!

LIVE IN LUXURY for as Low as $0 Mthly. Globe Trotters Will Pay up to $2000 monthly Toward Your Executive Living Luxury Residence when you reach your bonus goals.

Bonuses: As A Member of The Globe Trotters who reaches Directed Goal(s), you will Receive 4-star Luxury Family Accommodations Budget for a Family of Four for 30 days each month your goal is reached.

Business To Business (B2B)- Boost Your Business and Bottom Line with These Luxury Incentives: Receive Unlimited FREE 4 Day 3 Night VACATIONS to Gift to your Employees, Clients, Family and Friends. Incentivize Participation and Increase Profits w "The Golden Ticket". Extend Your Savings, Free Vacation Gifts, Free Event Tickets and other Benefits to your Friends and Family.

over 200,00 Luxury Resorts, 250,000 Hotels, and 25,000 Cruises to Choose from.

Let Us Be Your Resident Travel Partner

We want to Partner with Your Brand as Your Resident Travel Partner. We Will Dispatch an Authorized Travel Partner to Set up In a Small Corner or Back Room of Your Establishment. We Offer Great Deals and Travel Packages on Behalf Of Your Company, Customize Their Bookings, Handle and Register All Referrals, and Submit Referral Fees Directly to Your Account. Count All the Money You Never Knew You Had. Don't Leave Profits on the Table. Join Travel Partners. "Core Up!

Perfect Cashflow Opportunity For:

  • Coaches

  • Consultants

  • Travel Agents

  • Travelers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Traveling Nurses

  • Plant Workers

  • Truck Drivers

  • Law Enforcement Personnel

  • Educators

  • Internet Radio Stations

  • Clubs

  • Professional Mothers

  • Small Business Owners

  • Married Couples

  • Students



Don't Waste Another Moment with Mediocrity. Launch Your Own Globe Trotters Franchise Account Today. Become A Travel Partner NOW!




I CAN OPERATE MY VERY OWN TRAVEL COMPANY from anywhere in the world. From Home, My office, My car or from the comforts of my own bed. Winning!" -Katrina, Travel Dynasty

"I Made $1750 From One Face Book Post! Thanks Travel Partners!" -Kay, Paradise Travels,

"My Wife and I Celebrated Our 14th Wedding Anniversary at La Villas Denson-El at Lake Buena Vista. We Stayed 7 days. The Cost Was So Affordable That I Thought the Resort would be a "discount hotel". To Our Blissful Surprise, We Lived in Pure Paradise and Luxury with 3 beds, 3 baths, 2 jacuzzi tubs, full kitchen with dishes, two patios overlooking the lake with seven pools including two water parks, for Seven Days. This Team is Amazing! My Wife and I Launched Our Travel Company Immediately"- Sandy, Sutter Home Travels

"I Got Paid $750 To Travel with My Friends for 4 Days 3 Nights and My Resort Was completely paid for. I Love my Travel Partners". - Shamika, Mika Tours & Travel

"I'm Still Getting Paid Close to a Thousand Dollars a Week Off Of One Face Book Ad That Went Super Viral Six Months Ago. That's A lot of Happy People. I Never Would've Imagined This. The Best Investment I've Ever Made", - Dominique, Let's Travel

"This Was Purely Genius",- Brodus, Americans Travel

"I Operate Soley on Social Media and I clear an average of 3o Free Luxury Getaways a week, earning a minimum of $750-$900 per week. And I Take One Free Vacation Per Month. I Work social media about 10-20 hours per week." - Angela, Dynamic Getaways

"As A Nurse of 30 years On the Frontlines During This Pandemic, I Know the Burnout We Face. After Taking My First Luxury Getaway with My Husband, Experiencing the Rejuvenating Aqua Blue Waters, Private Lakes, Resort Amenities, Great Foods and Relaxation, I knew this was a part of life that we as Nursing Professionals Deserve and are Deprived of more often than not. I Launched My Travel Company to Reward Our Nursing Professionals with Celebration and a Renewed Mind, Body & Spirit by Vacationing To 4- & 5-Star Resorts at Unbelievably low prices. I Never Expected to Make So Much Money Doing This! - Mariee' Rose' Luxury Tours & Travel

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