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DEC Recovery Estates are Luxurious and Spa like centers of higher learning Designed to reduce the Underemployment, Criminal Recidivism, and Substance use Rates within our community while promoting self and family esteem, support and reintegration, as well as the mental, behavioral and economic health of the family as a unit. Children affected by the SUD and Co-Occurring Disorders of The Participating Parent may apply and receive up to two FREE full semesters of DEG Total Business Academy, earning certificates in Business Education, Real Estate and Healthcare. Participants will have a choice to earn College Credits up to and including Associates Degree in Culinary Arts & Hospitality, or “Major” in over two dozen career and employment opportunities, a dozen Sponsored Franchise Opportunities, and $1000 -$2500 Business Start-Up Scholarships depending on “Major”. Up to Six Month Stay Based on Medical Necessity.

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