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CORE TV Digital Content, Ads and Curricullum (Subscription)

CORE TV Digital Content, Ads and Curricullum (Subscription)


Basic Video Ads (Subscription Only)- Generate Four 60 Seconds Videos Monthly: $199 Introducing our groundbreaking subscription service for AI-generated commercial advertisements, class curiculum, webinars and avatars. We understand the importance of consistent and engaging content for your business, and our subscription model is designed to cater to your needs. Let's explore the details of our offering, including industry-standard pricing comparisons:


1. Subscription Service Overview:- Enjoy a monthly subscription that provides you with four or more high-quality AI-generated commercial advertisement videos.- Each video is 60 seconds in length and crafted to captivate your audience, delivering a compelling message about your product or service.- Benefit from a hassle-free experience, as our AI technology ensures quick turnaround times while maintaining exceptional quality.


2. Industry Standard Pricing Comparisons:- In the advertising and marketing industry, the cost of a single 60-second high-quality AI-generated commercial ad can vary depending on factors such as production quality, customization, and provider reputation.- On average, a standalone 60-second AI-generated commercial ad, just like this one, can range from $500 to $2,500 or more, depending on the complexity and level of customization required.- However, with our subscription service, you can access four or more 60-second videos per month at a highly competitive price point.


By subscribing to our service, you not only gain access to a cost-effective solution but also benefit from the consistent production of engaging and impactful advertisements. This allows you to maintain an active presence in the market, capture your audience's attention, and drive continuous growth for your business.


Our subscription service offers exceptional value compared to the industry standard, as you receive multiple videos each month at a fraction of the cost of purchasing individual ads. Embracing this subscription model ensures you have a steady stream of high-quality content to support your marketing efforts and maximize your brand's visibility.


So, why settle for a single AI-generated commercial ad when you can have a monthly subscription that provides you with four or more captivating 60-second videos? Join our subscription service today and experience the power of consistent, engaging content to fuel your business's success. @worldwidecoreradio8545 @worldwidecoreradiocorelive5476

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Price Options
Basic Subscription
$199.00every month for 12 months
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